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MonkeyFish Marketing – Level 2 Emergency First Aid Course


Having worked closely with First Aid Course for a number of years we were well aware of the high reputation they have teaching emergency first aid courses and of the glowing testimonials from countless others who have completed the course. When investigating their services further we discovered that with a group booking we could have a course in our offices. So when our employees needed to take an emergency first aid course it was a no brainer!

The tutor for the 2 day course was confident in what he was doing and put everyone at ease, especially when it came to roleplaying through various scenarios. He made the various tasks we had to complete fun and interesting whilst reinforcing the importance of what we were learning. There were plenty of tips and helpful advice that he gave to us that will undoubtedly be useful should ever an emergency occur where first aid is needed.

Before the course we spoke to the First Aid Course team about numbers attending and what exactly the course required. At all times their customer service was excellent and knew exactly what we wanted to get out of the course and this was followed through across the two days.

Now having completed the course everyone at MonkeyFish who took part is fully confident in what they have learnt and their ability to deal with a first aid emergency in the work place.

Shakespeare Hotel Bedford- Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work


First Aid Course delivered our Emergency First Aid course for 6 members of our staff. The tutor travelled here to deliver the course in our hotel, which meant not only did we learn the skills involved with First Aid, but we knew how to conduct them in our working environment.

We had been looking for quite some time at different companies, but kept finding that for the 6 of us to do the course at our own venue, it could cost anything from £850 to £1500! With First Aid Course it was under £500 and was done in our location, as needed.

The admin staff were great and got us signed up really quickly. Within just a few weeks we were able to begin our course training.

The tutor was kind and welcoming and we felt that we could ask him anything throughout the duration of the course. He set up little real life scenarios throughout the hotel, which was great for not just us as management to see how situations should be dealt with, but also for our other members of staff to see how to utilise the space they have.

The experience was fun and educational for all of us, and I would happily return to them when we require more training.

Smith and Sons Butchers- Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work qualification


I and my sons operate a family run butchers. Due to the nature of work that we conduct on a day to day basis, there is always a chance that an incident could occur. In our line of work, there are many high risks that could result in minor injuries, which would require immediate first aid attention. It was at this point that I had to take control and try to find a first aid course that didn’t charge too much money.

Thankfully we found First Aid Course. They had a course running close to where the shop is based, and they were very competitively priced. As an unrelated bonus, the course also happened to be running on the one day that the shop is scheduled to be closed.

When I phoned First Aid Course to book a place on the course, we were greeted by a happy and polite worker who was able to pass us straight through to the First Aid department. The member of the First Aid department signed us up straight away and told us the processes we would have to go through. They also gave us a direct contact number in case we had any issues.

During the course the tutor was very welcoming and put us at ease. There were a few different companies in attendance on the day, but he tried to tailor each scenario to our own businesses. The trainer included everything from how to react to someone who had been electrocuted, to how to deal with cuts and strokes. He gave us catchy acronyms to remember various procedures, and when doing the CPR we were given the option to remember it with a tune, or just by counting 30 compressions followed by 2 timed breaths.

Right from start to finish, we received great customer service and always felt comfortable when approaching members of the trainers to ask additional questions. I am more than happy to confirm that we will be going back to First Aid Course, to renew our first aid qualification in 3 years.

Pendle Vale College, Burnley, Level 2 Paediatric First Aid


I work for a school that needed to do a Paediatric First Aid course. We were fully aware that such courses can cost a lot of money. So it was clear that we needed to put plenty of time into researching our options. It was during this research that we came across First Aid Course.

With a two day course ahead of us, we were all very anxious to see what we would be required to do. However as soon as the trainer arrived, everyone felt instantaneously more comfortable as he carefully went through the structure of the course, and reassured us that assistance will be provided throughout. The mentality conveyed by the trainer, gave everyone an extra boost of motivation and understanding surrounding the importance of first aid training in a school’s environment.

The pricing was fabulous, we need to put 12 staff members through the course, including the head teacher, members of the divisions and teaching assistants. So after looking at various other competitors, this was looking like it could be far too expensive. However thanks to First Aid Course affordable prices, it was just over £1400, which resulted in the school saving a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere, to better the children’s education.

First Aid Course gives you the opportunity to complete a legally required qualification without breaking the bank. The tutors keep you focused while using training methods that make you feel comfortable and motivated throughout the day.

This was a great experience for us all, and it meant that we didn’t even have to leave our school to attend the course – they came to us! We would definitely use First Aid Course again when our next set of staff members need retraining.

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