Sector Specific First Aid Courses

Essential First Aid for Care Homes

It is important to consider first aid, regardless of the size or scale of your business, in order to protect staff, customers and visitors. There should be a qualified first aider or designated first aid person, or persons, on hand at all times.

First aid is important to businesses from all sectors but care homes are particularly at risk of emergency incidents and should be prepared accordingly. First Aid Course provide level 2 and level 3 first aid at work courses that can be tailored to suit those working in care homes.

First Aid Courses for Care Homes

First Aid Course are passionate about helping people working in all industries obtain a suitable first aid qualification. We have a range of first aid at work courses that can ensure your staff are prepared for an emergency situation.

HABC Level 2 First Aid at Work Course

The HABC Level 2 First Aid at Work course is delivered by highly skilled first aiders who are passionate about delivering high-quality first aid education to groups of students.

Our first aid at work course leaders will deliver a course tailored to your specific industry, including care homes. First Aid Course’s level 2 course covers advanced skills and knowledge required for first aid situations, but will not go into as great a depth as our level 3 first aid at work course.

HABC Level 3 First Aid at Work Course

Similarly to our HABC Level 2 First Aid at Work course, our Level 3 First Aid at Work Course is delivered to an exceptionally high standard by passionate first aid professionals.

Our level 3 course can again be tailored to your specific industry, including care homes, private business, public services and more. We can tailor the level 3 first aid course to suit working in a care home, including scenarios that you may be likely to come across.

Contact us at First Aid Course

If you are interested in any of our first aid at work courses at First Aid Course or would like to find out more about essential first aid for care homes, then please do not hesitate to contact us online. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our expert team directly by calling us on 01772 910 930.

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