Sector Specific First Aid Courses

What will I learn on the Level 3 First Aid at Work course?

The Level 3 First aid at work qualification is based on 18 hours of teaching spread over 2/3 days. The course includes all the topics from the Level 2 Emergency First Aid Qualification with additional learning outcomes. You can see the outline of all the topics below:

  • Conduct a head to toe survey of casualty
  • Be able to administer first aid to injuries to bones, muscles and joints
  • Be able to administer first aid to someone with head and spinal injuries
  • Administer first aid for chest injuries
  • Recognise severity of burns and scolds and treat appropriately
  • Administer first aid to eye injuries
  • Be able to administer first aid for sudden poisoning
  • To be able to administer first aid for anaphylaxis
  • To administer first aid for major illness (heart attack, stroke, epilepsy)

This course is extremely detailed and aims to provide an in depth knowledge into treating a range of conditions. If you require any further information on this course regarding prices, dates and group discounts contact our team on 01772 910930.

Do teachers need first aid training?

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Choosing between a Level 2 and Level 3 First Aid Qualification

Choosing between any Level 2 or Level 3 course can be challenging, particularly where you are not limited by any pre-qualifications you may have. Of course, Level 3 is a higher level course that, in effect, will help you become further qualified, while a Level 2 course may be enough for the level..

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